The Tiki name

The Tiki name is known throughout the Pacific and Polynesia, including Hawaii. Maori legend has it that Tiki, like Adam, was the first man to be created. He was said to be the progeny of mankind symbolising fertility and creativity.

Tiki is back

Nau mai haere mai and welcome to the official Tiki site. If you are looking for Maori design, information on Maori design or perhaps a specialist in this field you have arrived at the right place.

If you are new to Maori design you may be interested in seeing how it is applied in digital form on print media, products, textiles and apparel. The tiki site is an example of the tiki brand that shows how this is achieved and marketed.

This concept is not new to Maori. In fact, Maori design has been used as a marketing tool for trade as works of art as far back as the 17th century where many artifacts such as waka oars were painted in kowhaiwhai and are now in the the hands of private collectors and museums around the world.

What differentiates the products of Tiki is their design aspect which embraces traditional and modern techniques created by Maori designers who are trained practitioners in Maori arts and design with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of their culture.